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Francisco Suárez: Predecessors and Successors
26-27 April 2019
Loyola University Chicago, Water Tower Campus
Beane Hall Ballroom, Lewis Tower

Speakers include:
Helen Hattab (Houston)
Sydney Penner (Asbury)
Kara Richardson (Syracuse)
Tad Schmaltz (Michigan)
Christopher Shields (Notre Dame)

The thought of the Jesuit philosopher, theologian, and jurist Francisco Suárez (1548-1617) is rooted in medieval scholastic philosophy, but his influence reaches into the early modern period. This two-day international conference explores the ways in which Suárez both revives elements of scholasticism, and prefigures modern philosophers such as Descartes, in his metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of mind.

Supported by the Philosophy Department, the Jesuit community, & the Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage at Loyola University Chicago.

If you expect to attend, please click this link and fill out the small form. The conference budget also includes a modest fund for graduate students and under-resourced philosophers who would like to participate, but lack institutional funding for their travel and/or accommodations for the conference. To apply, please fill out the relevant fields in the above link. Please apply for funding no later than December 31, 2018. Funding decisions will be emailed out by February 4, 2019. For any questions, please email suarezconference@gmail.com.

Peter John Hartman
phartman at luc dot edu
Kristen Irwin
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